Isle of Man Classic event September 2018

What a good weekend we had at the Classic event! Dave, his wife Gloria and son Mike and I went over to the Island on the 24th August to be ready for all the events of the 25th which favoured us with good weather and gave us all an emotional and memorable day.

Dave and I started the day taking part in a radio interview alongside Steve Wynne and the great John McGuinness, with whom we shared a few stories and laughs.

We then went along to meet up with Brook Henry and John Keogh for the launch on the new ‘VeeTwo Hailwood’ bike, hosted by Charlie Williams.
This was the first time that Dave and I had seen it and we were extremely pleased and impressed with how beautiful it looked and sounded. Brook, John and the team have done an absolutely fabulous job, so our sincere thanks and congratulations to them.
Steve Wynne was also impressed and said that it looks more like Mike’s original, than the original looks now.
Our thanks to Larry Auriana the owner of Mike’s original bike, and represented by his nephew Mark, for bringing the bike over for this special occasion.


John McGuinness on the Mike’s original bike and Dave on the new ‘VeeTwo Hailwood’ bike.


left to right, John McGuinness, Mark Auriana, Brook Henry, Pauline, John Keogh, John Sear and Dave.




Saturday was also the start of the Classic’s racing programme and of course we were all supporting John McGuinness and were so pleased to see him take yet another win making it 24, just fabulous.

Next up was the most emotional part of the day when we saw John walk out on to the start line wearing Mike’s famous ‘Lookwell’ leathers for the Mike Hailwood Tribute lap on Mike’s original bike, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Mike’s legendary 1978 TT win. It brought a tear to more than just my eyes, as fond memories of that wonderful win came flooding back to all those who had witnessed it. In fact John himself was feeling emotional at the thought of honouring Mike in this way. I had the honour of flagging John off and he didn’t hang around. He enjoyed the lap so much that he asked if he could do it again later, which he did in the Classic Parade on Monday. Well done and thank you so much John.


John and Dave on the start line


Dave, Pauline, John & Mike Jnr.


Pauline, Ron, John, Dave, Steve, Dot and the Team on the start line


Despite the weather not being so good for the event at Jurby on Sunday, Steve took the original bike ably assisted by Rory Simpson and son; and the VeeTwo team took the new bike to give the fans a closer look and to let them hear them run.

Sunday evenings ‘Heroes Dinner’ was a great success, with Charlie Williams doing another fine job of hosting and introducing so many of the riders old and new. John, Steve and I did another chat session on stage and I think everyone enjoyed the evening.

Monday 27th with racing well underway, next up for us was the Classic Parade. The original plan had been for Dave to ride the new ‘VeeTwo Hailwood’ bike, after John’s lap on Saturday, but we then learnt that the organisers wanted him to take part in the Classic Parade on Monday instead. Unfortunately the ‘VeeTwo’ bike had already been packed up and had left the Island by then so that was not possible. Determined to have a ride, Dave started looking around, and a very kind man called Dave Dixon with his sons Mark and John, offered Dave his Vincent Rapide to ride.
It was somewhat different to riding the ‘VeeTwo Hailwood’ but a ride nonetheless, which he thoroughly enjoyed. The bike ran well and at least it was no pressure, so many thanks to Dave, Mark and John Dixon.


Dave waiting on the start line with the Vincent and old friend Mick Chatterton.


Our thanks also to Maxine Canon of the IOM Post Office who, at the ‘Hailwood Centre’ kindly presented us with framed packs of the specially minted coins commemorating Mike’s 40th and 60th anniversaries.

Also to Paul Phillips and Sophie Lowney for all their help; and of course to all Mike’s fans who came to share their stories and remember him.

Our thanks to Larry Auriana the owner of Mike’s original bike, and represented by his nephew Mark, for bringing the bike over for this special occasion. Also, to Ron Winder for all his help with the organisation.


Our thanks and very best wishes to you all,

Pauline & Dave


photos by Simon Crellin and Pauline Hailwood





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