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We are proud to announce that the Mike Hailwood Masonic Lodge No. 9839 is now official.

Over 150 Masons attended the Consecration at Birmingham on Friday to see a superb ceremony performed by the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Michael J. Price C.B.E

David Hailwood, Mike’s son has been invited to join the new Lodge, and said, “I feel very shocked and humbled but I’m extremely proud to accept this honour.” He will be the first Initiate to the Lodge in September.

Mr Michael Adams who is the Founding Secretary and Worshipful Master Designate wrote to Pauline Hailwood with the good news and said:

“I have been overwhelmed by the number of Masons who remember Mike and it is difficult for me to put into words the respect and admiration they still have for him. We have arranged that a short history of Mike's life and achievements will be put on the summons for every meeting of the lodge to ensure his name will never be forgotten in Masonry.

Mike made history by his achievements and so will David for, as far as we can recall, there is no lodge which has been set up in honour of a man where his son has been the first Initiate.
I shall have the honour of initiating him in September.

Mrs Hailwood, I thank you most sincerely for the support you have given us in setting up the Mike Hailwood Lodge, I can assure you that it meant so much to me having known Mike in his racing days.”

Pauline and David will continue to support the new Lodge, and wish the members every success in their endeavours.


Ian David Hailwood Kendall

"When I read about this feature on the website if felt I had to email as I’ve lived with the name Hailwood all my life and my friends have never known why.

I was born in November 1979, a few months after the ’79 TT. My dad, David, was a huge Hailwood fan and still is. He always was but when Mike returned to the TT in 1978 I think it was like a dream come true for him. When, in 1979 Mike won the Senior TT two things happened.
Mike Hailwood showed the world why he was the greatest motorcycle racer ever to live, the only person who has been able to come close since is Valentino Rossi, and my dad became convinced he had to name his newly born son after what he refers to as ‘the great man’.

So I was born and christened Ian David Hailwood Kendall. The memory lives on…....."

Michael F.J. Flaton

My name is Aad Flaton. In "my time" I used to ride (not race) Nortons and I was a great fan of Mike The Bike. I was lucky enough to see him race during several GP's on the continent a.o. during the Dutch T.T. and at Francorchamps. For me an era ended when he passed away.

In 1967 our first child was about to be born and my wife and I had decided that if it was to be a boy he would be named after the winner of the World Championship 500cc of that year; we were certain that Mike Hailwood would win the championship. However, when the day came the championship still was not decided and Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini were very close on championship points. Our son was born on the 17th of september that year and we had to come to an early decision. We choose Mike as THE Mike was simply our favorite. So it was Michael F.J. Flaton from that day on.

"Our" Mike rode Honda's for several years. My motorcycle days lay in the past. However, the "itching" came back some time ago and I am looking around now for an old Dominator to restore. If I ever find one I will certainly ride it again.

I wish you all the best for many years to come.

Aad Flaton - The Netherlands.

Michael Hailwood Bage

My name is Michael Hailwood Bage. My dad was a massive Mike Hailwood fan in the sixties and that's obviously who I was named after. We went to the 1978 IOM TT and my dad got my birth certificate signed by Mike, which is enclosed along with a photo of Mike signing the certificate with me stood alongside looking a bit sheepish. I'm 38 now and have only just prized my birth certificate from my Dad so I could scan it and send it to you. It would be great if I could show my dad the reason I have badgered him for it recently. Thanks and keep up the good website.

Yours Faithfully
Mike Bage

"What a great story"......Pauline


Hailwood Mike

"We, the Family Westra are sending you the latest picture of our little boy (9 months old). He is named after your late husband Mike."

"Hailwood Mike Westra was born last 01 of November 2005 in Maitland Hospital NSW Australia (3350 gms). The father is originally born in Holland, named Kees, the mother is originally born in the Phillipines named Marichu. We are currently living her in Australia. Kees has seen Mike Hailwood racing all over Europe in the 60's & 70's and he was always the best...."

From the Westra Family with lots of love.... Kees, Marichu & HAILWOOD MIKE.


I’m very pleased that there are soo many people are responding on the Mike Hailwood site and too see a lot of great stories.

Myself was as a young biker already a great fan of Mike Hailwood and I was in that time going to almost every bookshop in Holland to get Motorcycle mags too see if there was any pictures of my hero and often I bought MCN mags in England and get them send over.

My reaction to you is because I’ve sending you a picture of a T-shirt that I’ve bought in 1978 with a replica of Mike leathers and after all these years it still hanging in my office.
And when my son was born in 1986 we named him Mike just as my hero, so now I see every day a great son and remember in the same time a great man.

Thanks for doing the Job,

Joop van Anrooy




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